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    The Ginkgo Foundation, founded on July 20th, 2015, is a private foundation registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Beijing. It was founded by Ginkgo Fellows, Narada Foudantion, Zhejiang Dunhe Foundation, XinPing Foundation, and NPO Research Center, Renmin University of China.

    Chronicle of Events
    On 7th March 2015, organized the first preparatory meeting for the foundation and confirmed foundation’s initiator, name, mission, position of foundation’s board, and other information.
    On 20th April 2015, handed in registration application materials to the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau.
    On 24th May 2015, convened preparatory committee for the foundation and confirmed candidates in council.
    On 13th June 2015, officially started using the Ginkgo Space office.
    26th June -7th July 2015, fifteen Ginkgo Fellows visited Italy to learn about the development of social enterprises.
    On 20th July 2015, became officially registered with the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau.
    On 26th July - 4th August 2015, fifteen Ginkgo Fellows visited Japan to learn about education, environmental protection, culture and art, etc.
    On 31th August 2015, convened the first board meeting and approved the foundation charter.
    On 8-10th November 2015, held the first annual meeting.
    On 10th November 2015, elected fourteen new Ginkgo Fellows for 2015.
    On 1st November 2015, published official website.
    On 16th December 2015, convened the second board meeting, approved bylaws, and confirmed logo of Ginkgo Foundation.

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