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Young Social Entreprenuer Round Table

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Young Social Entrepreneur Round Table is a non-pro t project launched by Ginkgo Foundation in April 2017 to support social innovation organizations in the initial stage (1-3 years). It aims to meet the challenges these organizations are facing through small grants, and the facilitation of dialogue and collaborations.

In 2017, 5 Round Table events were held, each with around 10 participants. A total of 20 young founders of start-up phase social innovation organizations had attended one or more events, including founders of Art Dream, SEO China, C Program, PEER, Philanthropy in Motion (PIM), MyH2O, SEED, and Tomoroe. At the same time, senior NGO and business leaders joined the Round Tables as advisors, including the founder of Ensan Foundation Hao Li, Ginkgo Fellows Nan Hao and Yang Qian, and the heads of Sany Foundation 3ESPACE Project, and project managers from Guangjian Laboratory.

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