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Ginkgo Fellow Program

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The Ginkgo Fellow Program invests in young social entrepreneurs, helping them achieve great personal and career breakthroughs. Our Fellows include NGO founders or leaders, as well as promising individuals from media, academia, and related sectors.

To address the common difficulties faced by social entrepreneurs, the Ginkgo Fellow Program offers its Fellows grants of RMB100,000 per year for 3 consecutive years, and also supports their professional development through biannual networking workshops and overseas experiential learning expeditions.

Since 2010, 81 Fellows from 22 provinces have been supported by the program. They work in 11 different fields, including education, environmental protection, public health and rural development. Fellows learn from each other in an equal, respectful, and open-minded environment, expanding their horizons and improving their professional skills.

Program Statistics
Program Duration: 2010 - present
Nominators: 414
Candidates: 546
On-site interviews: 138
Ginkgo Fellows: 81
81 Ginkgo Fellows:
22 provinces (city, or autonomous region)
Average age: 36
Total Cumulative Investment (as of 2015): RMB 24,230,000
Ginkgo Fellow Criteria
1. People 20 to 40 years old, of all nationalities
2. People who have worked on social issues in Chinese Mainland wholeheartedly for at least 2 years.
1. Be a Social Entrepreneur
Candidates should be mission-driven, principled, and dedicated to promoting sustainable development for a healthier society.
They should be effective actors and willing to work namelessly. They need to be deeply rooted in the community and understand the needs of their target audience. Moreover, candidates should be able to demonstrate the tangible impact of their approach.
Our candidates are skilled at discovering the root of a problem, willing to make personal improvements and breakthroughs, and capable of delving deeper into problems. They try to solve problems systematically and on a large scale through conversations and cross-border cooperation, creating innovative solutions that set new standards for the field. Candidates also propose suggestions to related policies or promote the development of their field on a large scale.
2. Face a Career Breakthrough
Candidates have already made their choices at the crossroads of life and lived through the trial and error stage of the start-up period. They join this program in the take-off period of their development. Candidates have already set development goals and directions, and have found relatively reliable solutions with demonstrable impact for their chosen issue. However, they may lack resources - for example, funding, support systems, or industry knowledge - to break through their personal and career bottlenecks.
3. Show How We Can Help
There is a clear and persuasive vision for how Ginkgo can help candidates get to the next level, whether that be scaling up the services, improving their professional skills, or solving the social problem in a deeper and more systematic fashion.
Program Assistance
A. Grants
The program offers RMB 100,000 each year for 3 years, allowing Fellows to use the stipend as they see fit for their entrepreneurial goals, career and leadership development, and personal or familial obligations.
B. Career Development
We offer various learning opportunities for Fellows, including short-term overseas learning expeditions and lectures by senior leaders from the nonprofit, government, and business sectors.
C. Networking Opportunities
All of our Fellows meet twice a year for a major conference workshop where they may gain exposure to different fields and sectors, peer support, and opportunities to practice both leadership and being led in a collaborative environment.
D. Public Relations & Promotion
We connect Fellows to new resources, and provide a platform through which they may gain social/public recognition, exposure, and support for their work.
How to become a Ginkgo Fellow candidate
We accept nomination letters all year long through our online recommendation system ( à 推荐银杏伙伴); no self-recommendations are accepted. For nominations in English, please email
Candidates that are not selected will enter the ‘Fellow candidate database’, and will be considered in following years. Therefore, no repeat recommendation is needed.
Qualified Ginkgo Fellow nominators are:
Influential people in NGOs, academia, media or business with more than 10 years of experience in their respective fields.
The nominating party should be able to speak to the candidate’s moral character, capability, and potential. They should also provide basic information, state reasons of recommendation, and be willing to participate in the follow-up investigation of the candidates by the Ginkgo Foundation.
For more information, please go to:
The Ginkgo Fellow Selection Process:
->Preliminary Investigation
->Invitation for Candidate’s Application
->In-depth Investigation
->Expert Panel Interview
->Become a Ginkgo Fellow

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